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Main types of insert fuse:According to the size, it can be divided into: small BAI, medium du and large DU.Electric current includes: zhi1A, dao2A, 3A, 5A, 7.5a, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A, 35A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 80A, 100A;In a plug-in fuse, each color represents a different current in the fuse.Certification: UL, CSA, ROHS.The category can also be divided into: Min-N 2A Lt. Grey, 3A Violet, 4A Pink, 5A Tan, 7.5a Brown, 10A Red, 15A Blue, 20A Yellow, 25A Natrual, 30A Green, 35A Pupel, 40A Orange/32V plastic zinc alloy 11x4x11mm

Aty-n 2A Lt. Grey, 3A Violet, 4A Pink, 5A Tan, 7.5a Brown, 10A Red, 15A Blue, 20A Yellow, 25A Natrual, 30A Green, 35A Pupel, 40A Orange Plastic zinc alloy 19x5x185mm

Max-n 20A Yellow, 25A Natrual, 30A Green, 35A Pupel, 40A Orange, 50A Red, 60A Blue 70A Tan, 80A Natural, 100A Violet /32V

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    Auto fuse insert

    Where is a car fuse usually used?

    Fuses are used in a wide variety of ways:

    1、Du1, in the key points (or parts) of the car line zhi, generally will be equipped with such as insert or tube DAO, pins such as ceramic class, special such as class junction box insurance.There were many kinds, each having its own use.

    2、 General plug-type insurance is installed in places that are easy to install and replace, with small fluctuation of line voltage (current). In addition to special circumstances, these places are not easy to "burn out" under normal circumstances, and the maintenance is also more convenient.

    3、 all kinds of insurance car companies have different design methods in the design, some important, "high risk" regional lines, and even large heating part of the installation of "insurance" will have higher requirements.The ordinary, such as some plugins, cannot be replaced.

    4、Some other plug-type insurances will be equipped with several pieces of insurance in the car, such as the insurance box, for the convenience of the owners in emergencies.Please refer to the instructions in the user's manual for details.

    Are car fuses of the same specification?

    Not the same

    There are generally the following categories:

    One: Small insertion (commonly called mini)

    Two: Middle insert also has certain size

    Three: Big plug (generally used on heavy trucks)

    Do you use large or small car fuses?

    The small size.Avoid fire;

    The fuse box is not general purpose, because the car installs dimension to differ also.Fuses are universal, but there are many types of fuses. If they are of the same type, they are universal.For example, car insert piece fuse is divided into three kinds according to the external dimensions, which are small and medium-sized, the external dimensions used by different brands of cars are the same, then this kind of size is common in these cars..

    Large fuses are commonly used for heavy current loads, such as generators, tank fans, starters, etc.Medium-sized for general load: headlights, wipers, glass lifters and other small for small current load: small night light, room light, above the audio.Personal viewpoint: medium fuse is used when compare much.

    On fuse have those who show, rely on the place of bottom of two ends commonly, have above (XXA), the number represents a few Ann is how big

    There are only a few kinds of car fuses, you see the size, the amount of current that can pass through, if the same is all right!

    What does a 10 or a 20 on a car fuse mean?

    The value of 2113 on the auto fuse represents the fusing value of the 5261 fuse rated current in 4102A (ampere), 10 for 10A, and 20 for 20A.

    In accordance with the relevant SAFETY 1653 full specification, the continuous current of the load protected by the insert fuse must not exceed 0.8 times the fusing current.When the load current is greater than 1.35 times the rated fuse current, the fuse must fuse within the specified operating time.

    There are two types of car fuses

    1. Insert fuse

    Insert piece type fuse can be divided into: oversize insert piece fuse, small car fuse, medium car fuse, large car fuse.Rated current from 1-40 amperes (A) to large 30-120 amperes (A), rated voltage 32 volts (V).

    2. Fork and bolt type fuse

    Fork - bolt - type fuse can be divided into: small fork - bolt - type fuse, big fork - bolt - type fuse.Rated current is 30-150 amperes (A) to large 40-800 amperes (A), rated voltage 32/125 volts (V).


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