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How to check during the use of the fuse holder? Today, I would like to introduce the method of checking the fuse holder. Let's learn about it together.

Check the appearance

After the fuse holder has been used for a period of time, there are likely to be some problems, so in the case of application, it should be checked frequently, and its appearance should be checked first:

The main results are as follows:

(1) to see if there is any rust, deformation or broken foot in the appearance of its foot position and its surface.

(2) check for any contaminants and scars on the surface.

(3) to see if there are conditions such as deformation or cracks, in order to ensure that it has an excellent practical effect in the whole process of application, then it is necessary to ensure that the appearance is in accordance with the regulations.

Check the function

In order to ensure that the fuse holder has excellent practical results, some of its functions should be examined:

(1) use an electric welding iron to weld the tin wire to the seat foot to see if it can be welded to the steel. If it cannot be welded to the steel, or the area during the welding process is too small, it may affect the use of the product.

(2) it can be installed directly with a fuse, if it can be installed, it means that its use effect is high, if it is too loose or cannot be installed, it means that the selected product is not up to standard.

Check the size of the product

After choosing and buying a fuse seat, you should check its appearance and specifications to see if its specifications are consistent with those shown on the outer packing box. If the specifications are inconsistent, it will endanger the actual effect of the application of the goods.

The above is the introduction of the fuse seat inspection method, if you want to know more about the fuse holder, please feel free to contact us.

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Post time: May-27-2022