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 believe that everyone is familiar with car fuse holders, so what matters should we pay attention to in daily use, then the Automobile fuse holder factory will share their methods with you!

First of all, what is a car fuse holder(AUTOMOBILE FUSE HOLDER)?

Automobile fuse holder is a kind of current fuse. It uses the current blown when the circuit current exceeds its additional current to maintain the normal operation of the circuit. The automobile fuse holder is usually used in the overcurrent maintenance of car circuits, and can also be used in its industrial Overcurrent maintenance of equipment.

Secondly, what is the function of the car fuse holder?
In the car circuit of the car fuse holder, wires of different colors are connected to many electrical equipment. The most important thing is the fuse. The fuse is on the fuse. The supplier location of the fuse on the fuse is: small plug fuse holder, medium plug Fuse holder, large plug fuse holder. The above are commonly used. The choice of the fuse holder depends on whether it is suitable for you, and mainly depends on the appropriate size, shape and function of the large, small and large fuses of the device.

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So how should the car fuse holder be used daily?

1. How to replace the fuse

During the use of the car, if any electrical appliances do not work, the fuse may be blown, and the car fuse needs to be replaced in time. What is the method?

1). Turn off the ignition switch and open the fuse box cover.

2). Replace the fuse.

2. Matters needing attention

1). Replace the fuse with a fuse, and follow the additional current value indicated on the fuse box cover, not the additional current value.

2). If the new fuse is blown immediately, it means that the circuit system may be faulty, and it should be repaired quickly.

3). No spare fuse. In an emergency, it can replace fuses on other devices that do not affect operation and safety. For safety reasons, inspection and replacement of car fuses should be the responsibility of professional car fuse suppliers.

​The fuse current (marked current) that we usually call the fuse holder for automobiles refers to the extra current, that is, the fuse working under this current can work continuously for more than 4 hours without blowing. The label current on the car fuse holder is also the added value of the label current in the normal use environment, that is, a fuse that exceeds the label current of the fuse holder cannot be installed.

The above is the content sharing of the precautions about the car fuse holder, I hope it will be of some help to you. Our Huizhou HINEW Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and production of various fuse holders, such as automobile fuse holders, panel mount fuse holders, fuse boxes, bakelite fuse holders and other series of products. Welcome to consult and understand!

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