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The mechanism assembly of the fuse seat is composed of screw cap, plastic, copper and so on. Select the appropriate straightener in the reasonable installation control panel, and gradually produce it. Perhaps, installation is not proposed. So what is the composition of the fuse seat?

Since it will be left on the connection between cotton wool and dust, please make sure that the grease is thoroughly spread on all installation control panels of the equipment, and turn off the seat torque safety pipe in accordance with the specified direction. in order to assist in the selection and application of moderate heat pipe radiators, please contact the application project.

Fuse seat mechanism

Fuse seat parts and hardware configuration and mode components should be equipped with holes, non-insulated pipes should be packed (protection), as the machine and equipment is marked as insulation round mouth or equipment screw, the proposed torque is 6 "pounds. Touching the sealing ring mounting screw head is not an epoxy resin system for machinery and equipment to prevent the exposure of metal materials to radial ground stress limits for ultra-heavy fuse boxes, such as potential installation protection.

Because the folding cavity stamping die is unacceptable, this may cause the machine and equipment to be pulled into the indentation of the standard parts, or you will leave a skewed part in the area where the safety tube machine and equipment touches the safety tube.

Heating speed of fuse holder

When the circuit breaker of the fuse seat is connected to the power supply, the heat generated by the current conversion will increase the temperature of the solution, and in the process of loading all the normal working current or the agreed load current, the heat caused by the current and the heat transmitted through the solution, the casing and the surrounding environment can slowly reach a balance.

If the heat discharge rate of the fuse holder can not keep up with the burning rate, this kind of heat will slowly accumulate on the solution, so that the temperature of the solution will be increased, and once the temperature reaches and crosses the melting point of the solution raw material, it will be vaporized or vaporized, and then cut off the current, which has the actual effect of safety maintenance on the power circuit and personal safety.

Electrical functional features of fuse holder

The function of the electrical equipment of the fuse seat, when carrying out the application, its circuit breaker is connected in series in the electronic circuit, and its resistor is generally stipulated to be small. When the power supply circuit works normally, it is only equivalent to a transmission line, which can turn on and off the power supply circuit for a long time. When the current is lax due to switching power supply or external interference, it should also be able to bear a certain range of overload.

In the fuse seat, when the larger load current is shown in the power supply circuit, the circuit breaker will pose after cutting off the current to maintain the safety of the power supply circuit. Therefore, there will be two key main parameters in its work, namely, rated current and rated voltage. In the whole process of application, the fuse holder must reasonably select the relative fuse holder according to the current of its power supply circuit and its working voltage.

The above is an introduction to the composition of the fuse holder. If you want to know more about the fuse holder, please feel free to contact us.

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