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What are the common functions of the fuse holder?Follow our professional fuse holder manufacturers to understand.

Believe everybody should be not strange to fuse,there is the figure of fuse in all sorts of electrical appliances that we use nowadays.But the name of the fuse holder is a little unfamiliar,we can know from its name,it is used to place a fuse like a socket an accessory.So,as a specific function of what?

1.with protection function

The primary function of the fuse seat is the protection function,which plays a certain role in the need to protect electrical appliances and fuses.Generally speaking,the rated current of the fuse is higher than the current normally used by our electrical appliances,and it also has a certain overload capacity.However, if we have too much current allowance,it will cause the protective effect of the fuse.And this time,the fuse seat has played its protective role,as the function of the fuse.

2.It has bearing function

As we mentioned at the beginning,the fuse holder is an accessory used to hold the fuse.The various fuses are placed in a certain order above the fuse holder,which does not disturb the function of the various fuses.

At the same time,because it is a special place to place the fuse,it provides considerable convenience for the search and maintenance of follow-up problems.To this end,we can say that the fuse holder has the function of bearing,and is convenient for subsequent use and maintenance.

The above is to share with you about the function of the fuse holder,with the protection function,but also with the bearing function.Let each fuse can be orderly placed in the appropriate position,each other will not have any impact.At the same time,it can protect the fuse from being damaged by other uncontrollable factors.

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Post time: Jan-12-2021