Fuse Holder PCB Mount,panel mount,10A,250VAC, 6 x 30mm | HINEW-MF550

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    1. Product Name:Fuse Holder/ pcb fuse holder
    2. model:MF550.
    3. Voltage breakdown:AC2500 1minute 
    4. insulation resistance:DC 500V 100MΩ Min
    5. Rating:10A 250VAC
    6. Temperature tolerance:-20° C -150° C
    7. Standard:IEC-60335-1 GB_9364.6-2001
    8. Certification:ISO9001, ROHS,
    9. Mounting Ways:PCB Mount
    10. Material:Hot Silicone PBT, Phosphorous Copper
    11. Fuse size:6*30mm Fuse
    12. Application:Suitable for circuit board installation of all electronic appliances, power supplies and other equipment



    Why are PCB mounts important?

    Fuses need to be protected because they themselves protect circuits from over current conditions. For example, if a circuit receives too high a level of current, the fuse will burn out, breaking the circuit. With a PCB mount, your fuse is protected and you can easily change it if required. 

    Panel mounted fuse holders are a device that provides a housing for a fuse to act as safety device within a wiring circuit for when power loads exceed the safe level for electronic components.

    Panel mount fuse holder of benefits

    fuse holder panel mount With integral protection against electric shock. Fuse-holders shall have live parts inaccessible to IEC529 1mm diameter rigid test wire when fully assembled, without fuse carrier or fuse in place and when fuse carrier, with fuse is being inserted or withdrawn.

    Panel mount blade fuse holder of features

    • Reduce risk of damage to electrical components

    • Fully enclosed plastic casing

    • Small, compact and neat

    • Wide variety of fuse sizes available to suit any application

    Panel mount fuse holder waterproof of application field

    • Lighting

    • Illuminated signs

    • Vehicle electrical circuits

    • general circuit protection

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