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With the rising current, and the rising current may damage some important devices in the circuit, may also burn the circuit and even cause fire. If the fuse is correctly placed in the circuit, the fuse will fuse and cut off the current when the current rises abnormally to a certain height and heat, thus protecting the safe operation of the circuit.

How to buy a fuse

If you buy a fuse, it is generally recommended to go to the local store to ask, there will usually be sold, or to the home appliance store to buy fuses of household specifications are generally available. If you can't find a fuse to meet the demand in a nearby physical store, you can also choose to buy it through the network channel, or contact the fuse manufacturer directly.

Although the fuse is inconspicuous in the daily use of the car, the vehicle without a fuse will become a pile of soulless scrap iron, because lights, speakers, starters, air conditioners and other vehicle electrical equipment all need fuse protection, otherwise the current in the line is too large one day, it is likely that the electrical appliances will be burned out. Now we know the important role of fuses.

Under what circumstances are you sure that the car fuse is broken?

When cigarette lighters, windows, air conditioners, headlights and other appliances strike alone, when the current or relay action sound is heard when the switch is turned on, it can be concluded that the fuse is broken. The vehicle can not catch fire, remember not to start the fire continuously, it is easy to cause the battery to continue to discharge with high current and lose power.

Now the car has a high degree of electrification, and the whole vehicle oil circuit can be controlled by a small fuse and computer chip. Many problems can be solved by changing the fuse, which is not very difficult, or even easier than replacing the spare tire. Reading the fuse can greatly reduce unnecessary trouble and waste of money, so you should know the fuse of your car and change it.

The above is the introduction of how to buy fuses. If you want to know more about fuses, please feel free to contact us.

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