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Thermal fuse: Why does the tester need a fuse?

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Changes in fuses have always affected the changes in the market trend. In the development of the information age, various electronic products emerge in an endless stream. Applications around them drive the development and progress of various industries. Today, analyze the mainstream changes of electronic products and the diversification of fuses. The trend is stronger.

In recent years, the market's demand for information technology, mobile and consumer electronic equipment has risen sharply, and as the functions of products have become more powerful, the risk of accidents in such electronic equipment has also increased correspondingly.

Manufacturers’ overall circuit protection design Safety awareness has also continued to increase, and the fuse market capacity has continued to expand.

The mainstream trend of product changes towards mobile and consumer equipment also tests the market adaptability of manufacturers in the fuse industry. As it can quickly follow changes in the industry and adjust its product line in due course, the company has continued to introduce a series of chip-type and traditional fuse products that meet current and future market needs over the years.
As the mainstream trend of the global electronics industry has shifted from traditional computer products to handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones, as well as the gradual rise of LED lighting and cloud technology, under this trend, China Power Electronics is also actively planning to invest more Many resources are used in the high-spec power fuse products required by the above-mentioned emerging applications, including high-current and high-voltage specifications for server power supplies, and high-current and low-voltage products for handheld devices.
In order to continue to serve PC customers, while also being able to carry out more technological development for emerging markets, the division of labor has been carried out according to different industry applications, focusing on meeting the needs of different markets.
In addition, with the self-developed special material cover layer (Coverlayer) and high explosion-proof packaging technology, high-surge resistant chip fuse is produced. The surge resistance of this type of product is more than 3-5 times that of general chip fuse products. Has been mass-produced and shipped.
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Post time: Jul-14-2021