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Fuse holder panel mount fuse holder will come in one of two forms; plastic or metal. The plastic fuse holders will be cheaper than their metal counterparts.Plastic fuse holders can also offer a light, as in a Blown-Fuse Indicator, while metal fuse holders do not.

Fuse holders: The current rating of fuses should be marked adjacent to the fuse holder. In addition, SPARE should be marked adjacent to each spare fuse holder.

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    These fuse holder panel mount is compatible with round fuse holder. They're used with Class CC fuses to provide overcurrent protection of branch circuits, control circuits, lighting, transformers, and general loads. They're used with midget fuses to supplement the primary branch-circuit fuse or breaker and provide backup overcurrent protection for lighting, solenoid, motor, and transformer circuits.

    Panel Mount Fuse Holders for250v,5x20mm,H3-19A fuses · Bayonet Style Fuse Holder with Slotted Cap for easy removal .


    Electrical Characteristics Value
    Brand Name HINEW
    Model H3-19A
    Type Panel mount fuse holder
    Rated Current 6.3A
    Rated Voltage: 250V
    Fuse Size: 5x20mm
    Material PBT
    Colour Black




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