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The classification of fuse holder and its role is what,with our fuse holder manufacturer to understand together

Fuse holder is a protective measure installed in the circuit.An electrical component that insulates a fuse and ensures the safe operation of a circuit.The function of the fuse holder is:when the circuit occurs fault or abnormality,such as wet water,short circuit and damage,etc.This will cause the current in the circuit to continue to rise and generate a lot of heat,and the increased current is likely to damage some important or valuable components in the circuit.

When the heat rises to a certain degree,it will even catch fire,so that it will burn down the circuit,and in serious cases,fire will occur.If in the circuit found a place for fuse to cover fuse correctly,so,fuse can be in current abnormal rise to certain height and certain when,oneself fuse off,right now fuse pray isolation and the effect of the outside world,rise to protect circuit safety to run thereby.

Fuse holders can be roughly divided into several categories:

1:panel mounting fuse seat,mostly used for electrical equipment,such as power amplifier,DVD,speakers,massage chair and other electrical equipment.

2:PCB installation fuse seat,mostly used for small home appliances control board.

3:lead type fuse seat, mostly used for the connection of small household appliances and industrial machinery wiring harness.

4:car fuse seat,mostly used for car electrical appliances,such as car amplifier,car refrigerator,car DVD and so on.

But according to the specific classification,there are different categories, such as:

1:according to the classification of the installation fuse,it can be divided into the fuse seat and the insurance piece seat.

2:according to the size of the fuse,can be divided into large fuse seat,medium fuse seat,small fuse seat.

3:according to the material points,can be divided into plastic fuse seat,bakelite fuse seat.

4:according to the environmental protection points,can be divided into environmental protection fuse seat,non-environmental protection fuse seat.

5:according to the way of installation:can be divided into lead type fuse box and circuit board type fuse seat,instrument panel installation fuse seat.

6:According to the car fuse seat:small insert insert fuse seat,medium insert insert insert insert fuse seat,large insert insert insert fuse seat.

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