Automotive fuse box open circuit voltage and type

What is the state of the car fuse box in the circuit? What types of fuses are there? China HINEW professional car fuse holder factory shares with everyone's questions.

1. Open circuit voltage of automobile fuse box

The car fuse box needs to be replaced according to its rated current value indicated on the fuse box cover. Do not use a fuse with a higher current than the rated current. If the new fuse in the car fuse box blows immediately, it means that there may be some problems in the road application system. failure, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

The car fuse box needs to replace the fuse on other equipment that has no impact on its driving and safety in an emergency without its spare fuse. If a fuse with the same current load cannot be found, the original fuse can be used. Replacement of fuses with lower current ratings.

For the normal current of the car fuse box, we must know the normal current flowing through the fuse in the circuit used. Usually, we need to pre-set a derating amount, and then choose according to the following principles: that is, the normal current must be Less than the product of rated current and derating factor.

The car fuse box will definitely be effective according to its UL specification, the fuse should blow quickly at twice the rated current, but in most cases, in order to ensure reliable blowing, we recommend that the blowing current should be larger than the rated current. 2.5 times. In addition, if the fusing time is important, you must also refer to the fusing characteristic diagram provided by the manufacturer to make a judgment.

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Second, the type of fuse

The key point of the fuse box in the whole process of application is the small box in which the fuse is installed, also known as the fuse holder, which is convenient for installing fuses. Some of them have the characteristics of waterproof, fire safety and heat resistance. And its appearance design is not the same.

The key point of the fuse box in the application is the small box in which the fuse is installed. It is convenient to install the fuse during the application. Some of them have the characteristics of waterproof, fire safety, and heat resistance. The fuse box can be divided into wire-type fuse boxes and car fuse boxes.

In the whole process of making the fuse box, its universal injection molding and tungsten raw materials include bakelite, PBT rubber products, plastic, polyester and other materials, and each material is different.

As the heat resistance level is different, in the whole process of using the fuse box, the current size of the multi-application fuse must be reasonably and fully considered.

The specification of the fuse in the fuse box stipulates that the larger the current of the fuse, the larger the wire should be used in the supporting facilities of the fuse box, otherwise the fuse box and the wire will become hot and cause a fire accident.

According to the classification of the installed fuse, the fuse box can be reasonably divided into fuse tube box and fuse box, which can be divided into small fuse box, medium size fuse box, large fuse box, according to the material, according to the size of the fuse. Can be divided into plastic fuse box, bakelite fuse box.

The above is the introduction of the open circuit voltage and type of the car fuse box. If you want to know more about the fuse box, please contact us.

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