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How to improve the stability of automobile fuse holders and waterproof fuse holders? Let's analyze it according to its use environment:

High temperatures will speed up the fuse clip compartment. This requires us to strictly follow the design of the printed circuit board before use. It is wrong to directly insert the car fuse holder. (Car insurance seat, waterproof fuse seat choose Manatee Electric) and strictly speaking, we need to design the printed circuit board in its working temperature range. The fuse holder must not be placed close to heating.

In view of the above situation, we can actually transiently suppress the resistance-capacitance circuit at both ends of the circuit, or a resistor, or a diode. Generally speaking, it will affect the normal conduction connection if it frosts on the contact surface of electrical engineering, or produces cold sheets on the surface of the dew or armature.

In the case of the car fuse holder at this time, we need to ensure that the relay coil exists in a "transient state", and the voltage peak limit should also be set within a certain range, usually in kilovolts.

Regarding the fuse holder, we need to know that the surge voltage can be applied to the system of the fuse and the power supply system. In this way, when other devices generate coils and energy storage functions, the coil we insert into the car fuse holder is disconnected. In this way, the stored induced electromotive force can generate a voltage up to several times through it.

You May Need these before your order

Do you know the location of the car fuse box and how to replace the car fuse?


● Location of car fuse box

Ordinary cars have two fuse boxes, one is responsible for the safety of the car's external electrical appliances, such as the safety protection of ECU, glass water, lights, horns, ABS and other circuits, and is placed in the engine compartment; while the other is responsible for the safety of the car's external electrical appliances, such as Cigarette lighters, window lifts, electric seats, airbags, etc. are generally placed on the left side of the cab. For example, I need to remove and install the fuse box in the car before connecting the ACC power.


● Understand the car fuse box

Although there is a functional fuse logo at that position on the fuse box, the dotted logos and fuses will discourage many car owners who want to buy DIY by themselves. The function of each fuse must be clarified before operation. There is no need to fasten the fuse directly by hand. Each fuse is equipped with a tweezers for pulling out the fuse. The heads of both pliers can be used to make both large and small fuses.


● Do-it-yourself car fuse replacement

1. Find out the position of the fuse according to different models. The usual fuses are located near the battery. The fuse box is generally fixed with buckles, and some advanced models of the fuse base are also fastened with bolts. Please carefully remove the box and open the fuse.

2. Carefully look for the fuse according to the legend. Before taking out the fuse, you need to read it carefully according to the illustration. Generally, it is on the side where the fuse is easy to take out.

3. Pull out the fuse with tweezers and replace it with a new one. Spare fuses are generally installed in the fuse and kept away from other fuses for easy identification. Use tweezers to remove the fuse, observe if the fuse blows, and if the fuse blows, use a suitable spare fuse.


● Skills and Precautions for Car Fuse Replacement

If there is no spare fuse, it can be used on other free fuses. For example, the fuse of the window is broken, and there is no spare fuse. At this time, you can use idle things such as stereos and air conditioners, assuming that the amperage of the two is the same, or smaller than the original ampere.


Install high-power lamps. After changing the power of the lamp, it is easy to blow the fuse, and the high-current fuse and power cord should be replaced in time. Prevent excessive current and overheating.


Retrofit high-power speakers. High-energy sound effects can also cause fuses to blow. When installing high-power electrical appliances, be sure to pay attention to the current size of the electrical appliances, and replace the corresponding fuses in time. Generally speaking, better tuning shops will notice this problem.


Clean the engine compartment. When cleaning the engine room, because the seal of the fuse box is not suitable, remember not to wash the fuse box directly with water, which will easily cause a short circuit of the fuse and cause the failure of the electrical components of the vehicle. And most of the fuse boxes have obvious signs prohibiting water washing. If the fuse box is dirty, you can gently dry it with a damp towel.


Cigarette lighters use high-power electrical appliances. The cigarette lighter fuse is extremely fusible. Ordinary chimneys use 15-25 A specification fuses. Because the car voltage is 12 V, it is recommended not to exceed 300 W for the electrical appliances on the cigarette lighter, and not to exceed 200 W for some small cars. For high-power electrical equipment such as car refrigerators and car air pumps, it is better to use less cigarette lighters.


The above is about: the introduction of the location of the car fuse box and how to replace the car fuse, I hope you will like it! We specialize in the production of: fuse box, fuse base and other products; welcome to consult~

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