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Panel mount fuse holder, Inline fuse holder, Car audio fuse holder, Waterproof fuse holder , etc., what is the reason for these fuse holders to heat up? What are their electrical functions? How to use the fuse holder terminals to prolong the life? Today, the manatee fuse holder wholesale factory will analyze it for you.

The heating speed of the fuse holder and the characteristics of the electrical function 

During the use of the fuse holder, when the current flows through the conductor, there will be a certain resistance between the conductors, so the conductor will heat up, and the output of the fuse holder will follow the formula of O=024I2RT to a certain extent. where T is the moment when the current flows through the conductor, R is the cathode of the conductor, 024 is a constant and Q is the amount of heat generated, etc.

When the fuse of the fuse holder is energized, the temperature of the melt will rise due to the heat converted by the current. In the process of loading the normal operating current or the permitted overload current, the heat generated by the current will pass through the melt and the shell. The amount of heat emitted by means of radiation from the body and the surrounding environment can gradually reach equilibrium.

If the release speed of the fuse holder cannot keep up with the release speed, these amounts will gradually accumulate on the melt, causing the temperature of the melt to rise. When the temperature reaches and exceeds the melting point of the melt material, it will liquefy or liquefy. Vaporize, and then disconnect the current, which has the effect of safety maintenance on the circuit and the person.

The electrical function of the fuse holder is that the fuse is connected in series in the electronic circuit when it is used. Generally, its power is required to be small. When the circuit is in normal operation, it only has a relatively dry wire, which can be stably conducted for a long time. It should also be able to withstand a certain range of overload when the current fluctuates due to power supply or external disturbance.

In the fuse holder, when there is a relatively large overload current in the circuit, the fuse will act at this time, and the safety of the circuit will be maintained by disconnecting the current. Therefore, there will be two very important working parameters in its operation, namely rated voltage and rated current. During the use of the fuse holder, it is necessary to effectively select the corresponding fuse holder according to the current and voltage of its circuit.

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The method of prolonging the life of the fuse holder terminal

There are many kinds of car fuse holders, one of which is commonly used is a combination of hardware terminals and plastics, which is generally welded on the PCB, which is convenient for welding, simple to operate, and easy to use. So since it is a commonly used sub-component, how should we protect its contact terminals? W3 is extending its lifespan.

In the later use of the automobile fuse holder, the service life of the equipment is shortened due to the erosion of various factors. The electronic components of the fuse holder are composed of hardware and plastic parts. Therefore, metal erosion mainly occurs due to poor electrical conductivity or short circuits caused by oxidation. is at the junction of the two.

Generally, the metal contact terminal of automobile fuse holders is mainly affected by corrosion, which is mainly composed of metal and metal electroplating layer composition. Among them, the use of ordinary metal as the terminal will make the erosion more severe, and the service life will be greatly reduced. Secondly, with the increase of the circuit current, the general terminal will generate heat or burn out. With the increase in temperature, the corrosion rate will also increase by 1~3 time.

At the same time, for the exchange medium with a fast dry flow rate, when the fuse holder is used, the flow rate will also greatly affect the corrosion rate. Therefore, the root cause of completely solving the corrosion problem of automobile fuse holder terminals is to substitute materials. We recommend that the fuse holder terminals are generally made of conductive materials, which are resistant to strong acids and alkalis. Therefore, high-quality brass fuse holder terminals are selected and surface treated, which can easily resist various corrosion, reduce damage to electronic components, and extend the service cycle normally.

In addition, dust-proof protection is also essential in the later period, especially in the south, where it is humid, especially in the spring and summer.

The above is the introduction of the heating speed of the fuse holder and the method of prolonging the life of the terminal. If you want to know more about the fuse holder, please contact us. Manatee panel mount fuse holder, inline fuse holder, inline fuse holder, inline fuse holder, car audio fuse holder, inline fuse holder, waterproof fuse holder (Waterproof Fuse Holder Wholesale Factory), the factory wholesale sales.

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