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We sell mini inline fuse holder which is characterized by having the fuse installed inside the main body and then connecting it to the circuit using 2 external cables connected to the fuse holder.This flexible design provides an easily replaceable and insulated fuse without the need to attach the fuse to a fixed panel or circuit board.These mini stands are designed to fit small fuses.

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    HINEW mini inline fuse holder is ideal for applications where circuit protection is required. Pre-wired with tough housing, ideal for marine and under bonnet applications.

    Fuses and Fuse Holders protect your power distribution system — you need them to prevent damage to your equipment from current overload. The job of a fuse or fuse holder is to protect any equipment's vital wiring. Vehicle wiring can be pretty deeply entrenched and integrated into an electrical system making it extremely difficult to locate and replace. When a current large enough to fry a wire or damage a vital component is drawn through some electrical system in a vehicle, the vehicle's fuses will burn out first and prevent that current from doing any major damage.Check out our waterproof in line fuse holder if you think a waterproof in line fuse holder is exactly what you are looking for!


    Electrical Characteristics Value
    Brand Name HINEW
    Model H3-75
    Type Inline mini fuse holder
    Rated Current 10A
    Rated Voltage: 250V
    Fuse Size: 5x20mm
    Material Phenoric resin
    Colour Black

    Inline fuse holder 10 amp H3-75 Datasheet

    Inline fuse holder 10 amp H3-75 Datasheet

    What are the main categories of inline fuse holders?

    Because the car fuse seat of lead wire is more often used in the car harness, and the car fuse clip is used in the line, mainly to the car fuse installation, this way in the installation aspect is relatively simple and convenient, take down is also very simple.

    What are the main categories of inline fuse holder?

    One, it is the way that installs fuse to come classification above all, basically can be divided into insurance piece box or it is insurance tube box two kinds;

    Two, it is to classify according to the size of fuse next, basically can be divided into large fuse box, medium fuse box and small fuse box;

    Three, according to the material to the fuse holder classification, mainly bakelwood fuse box, and plastic fuse box;

    Four, again according to environmental protection to classification, can also be divided into two kinds, environmental protection fuse box and non-environmental protection fuse box;

    Five, the latter is classified according to the way of installation, which can be basically divided into three categories, one is the fuse box installed on the instrument panel;There is also a type of circuit board fuse box;The latter is a fuse box with lead wires.

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