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The wire fuse holder from HINEW is designed for use at 250V or less and has a rated current of up to 10A when fitted with the right fuse size spring.

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    Electrical Characteristics Value
    Brand Name HINEW
    Model H3-7A
    Type Power wire fuse holder
    Rated Current 10A
    Rated Voltage: 250V
    Fuse Size: 6x30mm
    Material Phenoric resin
    Colour Black

    Amp fuse holder H3-7A Datasheet

    People also ask

    Why does the fuse in the fuse holder fuse when the circuit shorts?

    Answer 1: circuit short circuit, at this time the current intensity of the circuit instantaneous is very big, when exceeding the tolerance of the fuse, this East East will fuses.

    This will protect the line from burning out.

    Answer 2: When the circuit shorts, BAI's du increases dramatically through the current of the wire. When the strong current far exceeds the carrying capacity of the wire, the temperature of the whole wire DAO will rise suddenly.When this temperature reaches a certain value, the metal will melt.Using this principle, a section of metal conductor with low melting point can be connected into the circuit. The high temperature caused by large current will make this section of metal (fuse) fuse first, which ensures that the whole circuit will not be burnt out completely.

    What does a fuse holder do?

    In the circuit, the fuse can be installed on the fuse block (of course, there is a fuse in the fuse), and the fuse can be of many specifications, such as 1 amp, 5 amp...It can be easily replaced.

    Tips for fuse holder installation

    In fact, fuse holder installation is very simple ~ generally according to product classification to distinguish the method.If the PCB board is generally welded, other similar, if you do not understand can call HINEW electronic technology consultant department, we focus on the production of fuse holder company

    How do you make a fuse holder?

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